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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

Our musculoskeletal system is made up of 206 bones, 640 muscles, over 200 joints, more than 4,000 tendons, approximately 160 bursae and 900 ligaments. At Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery always strives to offer the most comprehensive range of musculoskeletal care to all patients through cutting-edge expertise. 

The Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre for Excellence in Musculoskeletal Care is designed as a multispeciality department in which surgical, research and clinical consultants all work together in an integrated setting to provide the highest quality of care to almost one million patients every year. 

Being a one-stop destination for complete bone and joint care, the department provides solutions that vary from joint replacements to sports medicine and other services to diagnose the problem at the roots and nip it before it gets worse. The department believes in prevention and early diagnosis.

The department offers patients the opportunity to consult with orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists while also providing services such as hand surgery, sports medicine, orthopaedic oncology (specialising in limb-salvage surgery for bone and soft-tissue tumours), neurology, physical therapy, endocrinology, radiology, pain management, specialised nursing care and nutritional support. 

The department has separate centres for advanced orthopaedic surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, paediatric orthopaedics, sports medicine and sports injury treatment and a comprehensive arthritis management programme, making sure all the specialities are dealt with using the best approach.

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is also supported by the most elaborate intensive-care services, a modern Accident & Emergency Department and a state-of-the-art Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department.  

By using cutting-edge diagnostic facilities and treatment in orthopaedics, the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery aims to offer excellence in joint replacement surgeries, hip resurfacing and treating all types of musculoskeletal problems in children, adults and elderly people, ranging from minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries to complex trauma services. It is also among the few departments that offer computer navigation and imaging for advanced joint replacement surgery. The bone and joint programme make this department a super-speciality centre in orthopaedics with highly skilled clinical expertise. 

The most advanced medical equipment required for emergency care is available at the department. It provides the right support to a leading team of full-time orthopaedic surgeons that are highly experienced in complex and high-velocity trauma care. The computerised navigation and imaging facility at the department ensures the most accurate treatment. The comprehensive support of physiotherapy services makes it a complete programme. 

In recent times, the general population of India has been increasingly suffering from orthopaedic problems. By bringing together the latest in orthopaedic technology with the expertise of leading orthopaedic doctors and surgeons, the Institute of Orthopaedics has successfully developed a comprehensive programme for the management of orthopaedic problems. 

With an integrated centre for general orthopaedics, a 24x7 fracture clinic, trauma management and joint replacement, the department offers the expertise of orthopaedic doctors who provide consultation and highly individualised treatment options for a number of joint and musculoskeletal problems.

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Jaslok Hospital boasts over 300 eminent physicians, many of whom are trailblazers in their specialized domains. Moreover, they have garnered a reputation for devising groundbreaking and inventive clinical protocols.

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