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Department Of Neurology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

The Department of Neurology at the Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has been perceived as a centre of excellence since the inception of the hospital. Its founding stalwarts were luminaries in Neurology with impeccable clinical and academic credentials. These included Drs Noshir Wadia, Piroja Wadia, Anil Desai, & Sarosh Katrak. The standards for clinical and academic acumen were set at an exactingly high pennant by these renowned professionals, and the current consultants aspire to a similar functioning ethos. 

The Department of Neurology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre consists of the best neurologists in Mumbai with subspecialty training and experience that is associated with a stamp of authoritative excellence in its performance. 

The department provides clinical, investigative, and therapeutic services within all subspecialties of neurology, including stroke, headache, epilepsy, movement disorders, cognitive disorders, sleep neurology, neuroradiology, and clinical neurophysiology. A neuro-muscular clinic will be initiated from July 2023, in addition to these. 

The well-trained and experienced professionals of the department provide comprehensive, integrated and patient-centric care to the patients.  

Neurological emergencies like status epilepticus, acute stroke, subarachnoid haemorrhage, meningoencephalitis, status migrainosus, and conditions like malignant neuroleptic syndrome are managed with a prompt and rewarding exactitude at the department.

The Department of Neurology features state-of-the-art facilities that enable doctors to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests and procedures, including electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies, and evoked potentials. The department also offers advanced imaging services, including computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET) scans.

The department also features a centre for clinical neurophysiology that offers comprehensive services related to the neurophysiological evaluation of all neurological diseases. 

The department routinely performs electromyography, nerve conduction velocity studies, single fibre EMG, electroencephalography, Video-EEG monitoring for refractory epilepsy, polysomnography, and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring for spinal and brain surgeries to conduct accurate diagnosis for the patients.

The Department of Neurology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre functions in a close-knit manner with neuro-radiology services within the hospital and patients requiring neuro-radiological interventional procedures like endovascular coiling for berry aneurysms, extracranial and intracranial stenting for stenotic vascular lesions, embolization for anterior-venous malformations are attended to with cohesive teamwork within the neurology and neuro-radiology consultants. 

A similar cohesive relationship is maintained with the Department of Nuclear Medicine for patients who require functional neuroimaging with modalities like SPECT and PET scanning. 

Besides clinical services, the Department of Neurology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre is recognized by the National Board of Examinations for teaching a three-year comprehensive training program in neurology after post-graduation in medicine. Two students are annually enrolled in this program for academic training in neurology for a period of three years. The track record for successful completion and passing the final national examinations has been gratifying in the last two decades. 

The Department of Neurology strives to excel in clinical and academic pursuits within all realms of functioning at the Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, and the patient is always at the centre of this endeavour. The goal of the department is to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to patients with neurological disorders, helping them achieve the best possible outcomes and improve their quality of life.

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Jaslok Hospital boasts over 300 eminent physicians, many of whom are trailblazers in their specialized domains. Moreover, they have garnered a reputation for devising groundbreaking and inventive clinical protocols.

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