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Department of Nursing

Nurses are vital to the work we do at our hospital. They are key in contributing to the health and wellbeing of our patients.

At the heart of what we do is the intent to give our patient the best possible care. We do this by helping our staff realise their potential.

Our Nursing department vision is to be recognized as the provider of the highest quality care to patients and families of the communities we serve , by fostering a culture that strives for clinical excellence ,employs empathy, promotes nurse leadership and autonomy and ,supports collegial partnerships

We understand the significance of patient centric care, clinical competence and evidence based practice and therefore , strongly promote continuing education and professional development.

Nursing Core Values :

Caring : Caring is the essence of humanity. Caring encompasses the interest, concern, compassion and kindness we demonstrate for our patients

Integrity : We believe that our actions must be based on principles such as honesty, fairness, truthfulness and trustworthiness, while holding ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Respect : We believe that all human beings possess inherent worth and deserve unconditional respect and therefore treat the other with respect, act in a dignified professional manner and listen to others carefully and ask for clarification when necessary.

Diversity : We believe in creating an environment of inclusiveness where individual, intellectual and social diversity are valued.

Professionalism : Professionalism is the essence of the Department of Nursing Science and it creates a climate to encourage personal development of accountability, responsibility, dependability and commitment through collaboration, co-operation and mentoring.

We have over 500 nurses working at our hospital. Our patient population comprises of adult and paediatric patients and we provide are range of tertiary care services

When nurses begin working here, they can focus on working with adult or paediatric patients and develop their specialist knowledge.

Our specialist nursing teams work in the following units
  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Critical care
  • Liver transplant care unit
  • Kidney transplant care unit
  • Dialysis unit
  • Paediatric critical care unit
  • Maternal and child health unit
  • Nursing Accreditation

    NABH Nursing Excellence Certification : The Nursing professionals are the cornerstone of patient care in a health care organization. Keeping this in mind, We at Jaslok hospital have the certificate of Nursing Excellence conferred to us by the NABH after being assessed against set standards.It is our assurance of safe ,competent ,effective and ethical nursing care. This is achieved through our commitment to continuous quality improvement, regulation and promotion of professional nursing practice and benchmarking ourselves against the best healthcare organizations ,both nationally and internationally.

    Awards and Recognition

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