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Dr. A.B. Mehta

"Interventional Cardiologist M.D., F.A.C.C., F.I.S.E., F.I.C.P., Director Cardiology"

Area of expertise

Coronary Interventions, Rotablation, Ballon valvotomy, trans catheter, Aortic valve replacement.


"1) The CTO – Man of The Year Award (2008), the First of its type, for the Indian Chapter of 2nd Indo European Course on Revascularization (IECR/IEIC), presented at New Delhi on 20th December 2008

2) Life Time Achievement Award at the 1st IJCTO meet, at Mumbai on 8th June 2013

3) Golden Contribution Award received at AICT 2012 at New Delhi, on 6th Oct. 2012


* Pioneer in starting Cardiac catheterization and Angiography in newborn babies in India in 1973.

* First one to start His Bundle Electrography in India in 1973.

* Performed or supervised more than 10,000 Angioplasties.

* Performed or supervised more than 50,000 Angiographies.

* Pioneering work in Primary Angioplasty in acute myocardial Infarction with first systemic trial in India."

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