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The department of Surgical Oncology at Jaslok Hospital, has dedicated surgical specialists, for management of cancers of the head and neck, breast, thorax, gastrointestinal tract, female reproductive system and genitourinary tract. Our department offers surgical expertise for all oncology cancers through excellent teamwork. When surgery is the only option, Jaslok offers the best in both human and robotic surgeries.

All types of malignancies are treated at Jaslok Hospital with very low mortality and morbidity rates. Along with the support of radiation oncology department and medical oncology we have been successful in downstaging many malignancies to an operable stage where we are able to send the patient home cancer free. Malignancies like head and neck cancers with complex reconstructions, breast and thyroid malignancies, all intestinal and gastric malignancies are operated here on a regular basis. Robotic technology at our service and the expertise to operate on difficult tumours, plus handling large, complex abdominal tumour surgeries where masses as large as 30 kg in weight and above have been successfully operated upon… All these have contributed to patients returning home with a huge smile on their face.

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