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It is said “Physiotherapists make you live because just surviving is not enough”. We truly add life to years and not just years to life. Standing true to the legacy of Jaslok Hospital, we are an integrated team of highly skilled and exceptional Physiotherapists who leave no stone unturned in our commitment towards patient care in distinct set-ups of In-patient Department (IPD) AND Out-patient Department (OPD), catering to their needs in the several aspects of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation. We provide dedicated Physiotherapy service to patients in the daytime as well as at night ensuring patient wellbeing round the clock. There’s never really a day off from striving towards making our patients get back on their feet.

We have a well-established OPD centre equipped with advanced technologies, electrotherapy modalities which is very patient-friendly. In spite of having a vast inflow of patients, we provide prompt and quality service with individualized attention. Change is the need of the hour and hence we keep updating ourselves with the latest development in our field thereby providing you with latest, evidence-based practice.

Our reach of service also extends to provide home Physiotherapy care services for patients who are unable to come to the OPD for treatment.

We believe that the patients care is a holistic approach and hence our services are coordinated with the medical and surgical teams to provide highest quality of care to the patient.

We aim to provide the highest amount of patient’s satisfaction by combining the intellectual assets of our interdisciplinary team in the following eight specialities.

1. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation (Including hand and plastic surgery)

2. Neurological Rehabilitation

3. Cardiac Rehabilitation

4. Pulmonary Rehabilitation

5. Geriatric Rehabilitation

6. Paediatric Rehabilitation

7. Women’s Health

8. Industrial Rehabilitation (Work Station Ergonomics)

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