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The Department of Microbiology has existed at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre since its inception.

Continuous up-gradation of equipment and skills are done. Routine Microscopy and special staining techniques like India Ink preparation, Kinyoun’s staining, stool panel for immunocompromised patients, etc are done. The conventional cultures like Aerobic, Anaerobic and fungal for the various samples from the indoor and OPD patients is carried out. In Automated systems have also been set up in the last few years. The BactT/ALERT system for culture of blood and sterile body fluids, Vitek 2 Compac for rapid identification and sensitivity of bacteria and yeasts, and the Automated TB culture system (BacT/Alert 3D) have also been procured and are fully operational. This is used for culture and drug sensitivity testing of mycobacteria is by LJ media. Molecular based tests for rapid detection of bacteria, viruses and fungi such as BioFire and GeneXpert are available round the clock. Bio-safety cabinet has been installed and is of immense use in preventing sample contamination, and providing protection to laboratory personnel.

Various serological investigations are being carried out –RA, ASO, CRP, VDRL, Widal, detection of Rotavirus, Infectious mononucleosis and IHA Ameobiasis. Number of ELISA tests is also done for detection of Antibodies to Brucella, Mycoplasma, Toxoplasma and Leptospira. Detection of Antigens of Cryptococcus and Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination Assay are also done.

The responsibilities of the department also extend to an instrumental role in hospital infection control. There is active involvement in surveillance, especially operation theatres, ICU’s and other critical areas, as well as air- conditioning systems, water, etc. Implementation of Hospital Infection Control Measures is strictly followed, which is monitored by the Hospital Infection Control Committee. Guidelines for Antibiotic usage in Jaslok hospital have also been evolved based on in-house data in conjunction with standard recommendations and are regularly monitored.

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