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Doctors in the Heart Failure Clinic at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre have extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating heart failure and providing an opportunity for them with prolonged and improved quality of life for people who have found limited options elsewhere. Cardiologists trained in heart failure work as a multidisciplinary team with staff in many areas to provide you with comprehensive care. Certain causes of Heart Failure include: Uncorrected birth defects Severe narrowing of coronary arteries After certain viral infections Certain metabolic disorders Rhythm disturbance of heart that doesn’t respond to ablation or AICDs Genetic cardiomyopathies

Warnings signs of Heart Failure include: Weight gain of more than 2kg/week without overeating Difficulty breathing when lying down Coughing repeatedly Swelling in ankles or legs Belly pain or fullness Shortness of breath The patient is thoroughly evaluated at the Heart Failure Clinic at Jaslok Hospital. A thorough evaluation of the patient to assess for fitness to undergo further medical or surgical treatment is carried out.

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