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The first speciality clinic in the country catering to the needs of chronic headache patients was launched by the Dept of Neurology, Jaslok Hospital in 1995. Headache is one of commonest problems in medical practice, but still, only a small percentage of headache sufferers seek professional help; most of them resort to self-medication with over-the-counter analgesics.Chronic headaches are never taken seriously and are not considered a major health problem.

Contrary to common notion, only a small percentage of chronic headaches are due to serious underlying organic causes like brain tumors. A majority of chronic headaches are due to migraine. But even these benign chronic headaches result in a lot of misery, paralyse normal functioning and are often labelled as psychological or something that you have to live with and for which there is no specific treatment available !

Ideal Headache Management depends on understanding the fact that headaches are of many varieties. Each type of headache has a different cause and hence a different line of treatment. Most headache sufferers can be helped through a simple and effective treatment. But still many of our patients continue to suffer in silence without seeking professional help!

The understanding of these benign primary headaches has advanced greatly over the past decade. Researchers have now solved some of the mysteries about these headaches. We know that virtually every type of headache has a biologic basis that can be diagnosed and effectively controlled.

It is for this reason that we have started this Headache Clinic so that we can analyse the headache type and try to provide a simple and effective treatment plan, which will improve the functional quality of life and hopefully give the patient freedom from recurrent headaches.

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