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Total Knee Replacement Surgery: What To Expect

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Much like other parts of your body, the knees, too, are significant for various purposes—some that one cannot imagine life without! Think of running, cycling, and even walking! The knees provide the comfort of mobility and convenience in our actions. Hence, our human knees facilitate our everyday activities without which life may get difficult. But what happens when your knees get damaged? How do you go about treating your knees? What is the course of action to take in such a scenario? Well, that is where a total knee replacement surgery may come in handy. Sounds intimidating, you may say?

You would be surprised to learn how frequently it occurs, despite the fact that it could seem like a scary procedure on the surface. As a matter of fact, every year in India, well over 2. 5 lakh people get a total knee replacement surgery. What exactly is it, though? What does it entail?

Knee replacement surgery, usually referred to as knee arthroplasty, is a procedure that can help treat severely damaged knee joints by reducing pain and regaining function. In this procedure, your thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap are taken away during the treatment, and the injured bone and cartilage are replaced with a synthetic joint (prosthesis) composed of metal alloys, premium plastics, and polymers.

This enables you to lead the life you always have; without even feeling the absence of what you may have lost. It's a blessing in disguise to many patients all across the world, beyond the boundaries of India.

When Do You Need A Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

An artificial joint is used to replace a damaged, worn-out, or malfunctioning knee in a typical surgery known as arthroplasty. Osteoarthritis is the most frequent cause of knee replacement surgery. Rheumatoid arthritis is another health issue that harms the knees. While the knee joint is worn out or compromised, it is typically required to have knee replacement surgery because this reduces your movements and causes discomfort even when you are in a state of repose.

People undergo total replacement surgery when they have tried all other possible alternatives to treat the ailments they might be facing. Say, for example, Osteoarthritis. Your physician will if no other technique works suggest a total knee replacement surgery.

What To Expect During A Total Knee Replacement Surgery: The Procedure

Preliminary Stage

  • Your doctor will walk you through the process.
  • He/She will give you the chance to discuss any concerns you may have about it.
  • You will be required to give consent;  providing the go-ahead for the procedure. A consent form will be presented to you. If something on this form seems unclear to you, even after thoroughly reading it, you should ask questions to the concerned authority. Make sure you yourself feel safe and secure enough, mentally and physically, to go ahead with the suggestion in the first place.
  • Before having the operation, your doctor will perform a thorough physical examination in addition to taking a thorough medical history.
  • You can be subjected to diagnostic procedures like blood tests.
  • Your doctor should have full-fledged knowledge about your medical history, requirements, allergies to medications, any abnormal reactions to them, etc.

The Actual Process

  • The majority of the time, knee replacement surgery is done while you are unconscious and under general anaesthetic. Additionally, you may have to spend a few days in the hospital. Before you are permitted to leave the hospital and resume your regular activities at home, this is done to make sure that you have recovered properly.
  • During the process, several preparation steps are taken to ensure the procedure takes place smoothly.
  • The main steps of the surgery begin when the doctor performs an incision in the affected area.
  • The defective knee joint surfaces will be removed by the specialist, and the prosthesis will be used to reconstruct the knee joint. Metal and plastic make up the knee prosthetic.
  • With surgical clips or stitches, the opening will be sealed. To drain fluid from the wound, a drain may be inserted there. It will be covered with a sterile gauze or bandage.


  • You will be brought to the recovery area for observation following the procedure. Having knee replacement surgery typically necessitates a few days of hospitalisation.
  • After surgery, it becomes extremely crucial to start using the new joint. You can get help from a physiotherapist as you go along.
  • Medication will be used to manage any potential pain so you may engage in the workout. Additionally, you'll receive an exercise schedule to adhere to while you're in the hospital and after you leave.
  • Follow-up checkups will occur after you're discharged.

Jaslok Hospital Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai

At Jaslok Hospital, our trained medical specialists disseminate the best Knee Replacement Surgery in Mumbai. Our establishment is known for having set unprecedented standards that we consistently aim to transcend above with each and every medical journey — each and every minuscule effort. Our holistic approach has made thousands of our patients effectively avail of uber-successful solutions at modest rates. Our professional expertise and our state-of-the-art, technological prowess have revolutionised the lives of our clientele.

You can avail our total knee replacement surgery services under the expert supervision of our highly skilled medical staff, who have years of extensive experience to account for. You'll find that, as per the framework Jaslok Hospital work in, our knee replacement cost in Mumbai, is sustainable, viable, moderate, accessible, and suitable for people all across the nation and within the area.

We connect our patients with a world of healthcare that not only places importance on the earnest recovery and treatment of our clients but also helps them to connect with a realm of endless possibilities, propelled forward by high-tech tools and techniques and modern machinery and equipment. This ensures safety, security, and wellness — both physical and mental.

Such earnest qualities have earned us the reputation as the most effective, careful, and economical total knee replacement Hospital in India.

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