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Department of Urology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

The Department of Urology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre was established in 1973. It is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders of the genitourinary system. 

The department provides comprehensive care for both male and female patients across all age groups, covering a broad range of conditions, from common urinary tract infections to complex cancer cases.

The department's team of highly trained and experienced urologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals work collaboratively to provide a patient-centred approach to care. 

The Department of Urology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has vast experience in treating genital urinary tumours with the assistance of the Department of Interventional Radiology, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology. The addition of the Da Vinci Robot was a boon to the treatment of Uro-oncology as the robotic surgeries were far more precise with a faster recovery period. 

With the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities, including minimally invasive surgical techniques, the department strives to provide the highest quality of care with the least possible discomfort and downtime for patients.

The Department of Urology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre also initiated the 1st Renal Transplant Programme in the country way back in 1979. Currently, the department performs more than 150 transplants a year, the largest number in Western India.

In addition to clinical care, the Department of Urology is also actively involved in research and education, advancing the knowledge and understanding of urologic disorders and therapies. 

The department regularly participates in clinical trials and other research initiatives, helping to shape the future of urology care. It is, in fact, most popularly known for being the 1st private urology hospital dedicated to preparing students for the postgraduate degrees of Diplomate in National Board (DNB) examinations in urology in 1988. The trend has continued since then. 

The department has also done several web and personal interactions with the Departments of Urology of Stanford, Harvard (USA), the Universities of Tubingen & Maastricht (Europe) and Bristol (UK) to work on the forefront of the urological advancements.

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Jaslok Hospital boasts over 300 eminent physicians, many of whom are trailblazers in their specialized domains. Moreover, they have garnered a reputation for devising groundbreaking and inventive clinical protocols.

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