Profile Summary

Medical qualification :

MS Ophthal, DNB Ophthal, FICO, DOMS (Gold medalist) 

Fellow, Orbit, Oculoplasty, Ocular Oncology and Facial Aesthetics, 

Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India 

Years of experience :  17 Years 

Areas of expertise :

  • Orbit, Oculoplasty and Facial Aesthetic Services: 

Orbit and Oculoplasty is a distinct subspecialty of ophthalmology which deals with anomalies of the eyelids, orbit (bones behind the eye) and lacrimal (tear drainage) system. 

The eyelids and structures around the eyes are critical for vision. Injuries, aging changes and tumors can cause pain, vision loss and disfigurement. Changes in the eye's appearance due to aging or the loss of an eye to disease/injury can decrease one's ability to interact in social settings and can decrease one's confidence and impair self-image. 

  • Indications for an Oculoplasty consult : 
  • Lacrimal Problems : 

Persistent unexplained watering – May indicate punctal stenosis or a nasolacrimal duct /canalicular obstruction and/or involutional lid laxity. 

Lacrimal System Trauma. 

  • Eyelid Disorders : 

Warts, Xanthelasmas, Cyst over the eyelids / periorbital skin. 

Lid anomalies 

Involutional lid laxity 

Ectropion (outturned eyelids) 

Entropion (inturned eyelids) 

Involutional/congenital Ptosis (drooping of eyelids) 

Lid retraction (thyroid patients) 

Eyelash abnormalities (trichiasis) 


Drooping of eyebrows (Brow ptosis)  

Eyelid trauma with/without canalicular involvement – treated with reconstruction and canalicular stenting. 

Eyelid tumours – treated by resection followed by reconstruction of eyelid. 

Eyelid or facial squeezing disorders: blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm  

  • Orbital disorders : 

Painful blind eye/pre Phthisical /Phthisical eye – treated by Enucleation/Evisceration with Orbital implants followed by fitting with custom fit prosthesis(CFP). 

Care of an anophthalmic socket – Fornix reconstruction, correction of lax lower lid, Socket reconstruction in case of volume deficit. 

Orbital fractures – mainly blowout fractures of floor – need orbital floor reconstruction. 

Orbital SOL/tumours  - managed with appropriate orbitotomies. 

  • Aesthetic Services : 

Drooping/tired upper lids, Loose skin around eyes (upper lid/lower lid) with/without prolapse of fat – treated with blepharoplasty.  

Wrinkles around the eyes and upper mid face – crows feet, frown lines, horizontal lines over forehead – treated with Injection Botox. 

Periorbital hollows, shallow contours, facial creases – Facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers. 


Dr Swapna has done her post graduation in Ophthalmology (M.S, Ophthalmology) from T.N. Nair Hospital, Mumbai, after which she joined Sir Ganga ram Hospital, New Delhi for 2 years as Senior Registrar, where she worked and trained under the leaders in the field and obtained extensive experience in Orbit and Oculoplasty surgeries.  She then joined a long term fellowship program in Orbit, Oculoplasty and Ocular oncology at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai where she honed her technical skills under the guidance of Dr Usha Kim, a stalwart in the field.  

At present Dr Swapna is a practicing Orbit and Oculoplasty consultant specializing in plastic surgery of the eyelids, eye socket reconstruction, lacrimal surgeries, paediatrics oculoplastics, cosmetic eyelid and brow surgery, non surgical facial cosmetic treatments (Botox and fillers). 

Awards & Publications : 

Awards & Publications:

  • Faculty Lecture “ Principles of management – Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma”  Annual Conference of Oculoplastics Association of India, Dec 2022 
  • Faculty lecture “ CNLDO – What is new?” Bombay Ophthalmology Conference 2019. 
  • Faculty lecture “ Management of Epiphora in children” Bombay Ophthalmology Conference 2018. 
  • Author of Chapter – “Organic Foreign Bodies” in the book “ Emergencies of the orbit and adnexa”, Springer Publications 
  • Author of Chapter – “Inorganic Foreign Bodies” in the book “ Emergencies of the orbit and adnexa”, Springer Publications 
  • Paper Presentation: Challenging cases of blepharoptosis- Experiences from an Asian centre – Annual Conference of Oculoplastics Association of India, Aravind Eye hospital, Madurai, October 2017. 
  • Faculty Presentation: BOA Annual Conference 2017 – Approach to a patient with dry eye 
  • Faculty Presentation: BOA Oculoplasty CME June 2017 – Case presentation – Sebaceous gland carcinoma of the eyelid 
  • Faculty presentation: BOA Oculoplasty CME July 2016 – Management of Orbital Blow out fractures 
  • Paper Presentation: Correction of traumatic ptosis with frontalis sling surgery- A single centre experience. Ocular Trauma Society of India, September 2013.  
  • Paper presentation:  Hydroxyapetite implants. Is wrapping material important? Delhi Ophthalmological Society Annual Conference, April 2011 
  • Case presentation: Management of severe post operative lid retraction. Delhi Ophthalmology Society, Monthly Clinical Meet, Aug 2010. 
  • Case presentation: Management of congenital distichiasis. Bombay Ophthalmology Association CME, May 2007. 
  • Contributed to Guide to Phacoemulsification. All India Ophthalmological Society, CME Series. Oct 2010 under the guidance of Dr. HarbanshLal. 
  • Contributed to Delhi Ophthalmology Society Journal feature - Journal article: Clinical implications, Dos times2010; 16 (2): 63-64. 
  • Lal H, Parekh S, Lakhotia G, Ikeda. Management of pre- existing astigmatism in cataract surgery. Delhi Ophthalmology Society Journal. Dos Times 2010; 16 (4): 53-58. 
  • Grover AK, Bageja S, Parekh S. Management of severe post surgical lid retraction.  Delhi Ophthalmology Society Journal. Dos Times 2011; 16 (8): 57-62. 
  • Grover AK, Bageja S, Parekh S. Eyelid trauma. e journal of ophthalmology, August 2011. 
  • Lal H, Parekh S, Lakhotia G, Ikeda. Pre- existing astigmatism in cataract surgery. e journal of ophthalmology, 2010. 

Memberships :

Memberships :

  • Bombay Ophthalmology Association 
  • Delhi Ophthalmology Association 
  • All India Ophthalmology Association 
  • Oculoplasty Association of India 
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