Profile Summary

Medical Qualifications: DNB (Orth), MCh (Orth), UK 

Designation: Consultant, Orthopaedics

Years of experience: 12 years 

Areas of expertise:

  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Hip & Knee Preservation Surgery
  • Revision Joint Replacement


Dr. Jay Shah is a fellowship-trained knee & hip surgeon practicing in Mumbai. He specializes in joint replacement and preservation surgery. He treats his patients with evidence-based conventions gained from his experience working in leading knee & hip units in India, the UK, the USA & South Korea.  

Dr. Shah's protocol includes a rapid recovery program with precision surgery, optimal post-operative rehabilitation, and pain management, which ensures the ideal result following knee or hip replacement surgery.  

For patients who do not require total joint replacement surgery, he offers joint preservation solutions like conservative joint care with rehabilitation or osteotomy, or partial replacement options.  

Dr. Shah is a member of the International Consensus Group for Prosthetic Joint Infections. He is an invited tutor at the University of Edinburgh for the Masters in Orthopaedic Surgery program. He has been an invited faculty to national and international conferences and has conducted workshops on joint replacement surgery.  

Awards & Publications: 


  • Distinction, ChM (Trauma & Orthopaedics), 2017, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Honorary Ambassador, Hallym University, 2014 Seoul, South Korea
  • ICMR Short Term Studentship, 2003, for “Outcome studies of Distraction Laminoplasty versus Laminectomy for Spinal Canal Stenosis”


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  • Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeons
  • Indian Arthroplasty Association
  • Bombay Orthopaedic Society
  • British Indian Orthopaedic Society
  • Indian Orthopaedic Association
  • Indian Orthopaedic Research Group
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