Profile Summary

Medical Qualifications:

  • MBBS, MS, DNB Visiting Fellowship in First Dept. of Surgery for Esophageal cancer at Kurume  University school of Medicine, Japan
  • Visiting Fellowship in Dept. of Surgery for Esophageal and Gastro-intestinal Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Univ. of Hongkong.

Years of experience:  35+ years



Dr Mehul Bhansali has a rich experience in the field of Surgical Oncology . He was trained in surgical oncology at the famous Tata Memorial Hospital for 8 years . After completing his extensive training there, he joined Jaslok Hospital and has been performing complex surgical oncology cases since last more than 25 years along with his team. He specialises in Head and neck cancers, Breast cancers, GI surgeries, Esophagus surgeries and Gynec cancers.  

Awards & Publications:


  • S R Joglekar Gold Medal” for Best scientific article for 1993 Ind. J Surgery 
  • “C V Menon Gold Medal” for Best scientific article(co-author) for 1994 Ind J Surgery 
  • Prof. K.P. Sinha/ Prof. P.S. Krishnan Award for Best paper published in Ind. J Clin Biochem 1996 




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