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Spasticity is a medical condition that causes involuntary muscle stiffness, spasms, and contractions. It is often caused by damage to the brain or spinal cord and can lead to difficulty with movement, pain, and other complications. 

To address spasticity and related conditions, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has established a one-of-a-kind Spasticity Clinic, which offers the only comprehensive Functional Neurosurgical Program in India.

This clinic is staffed by a highly-skilled and experienced team of movement disorder specialists, paediatric neurologists, epileptologists, stroke experts and headache specialists, providing a one-stop solution under one roof. The Spasticity Clinic believes in taking a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. It, therefore, works closely with other departments within the hospital to provide coordinated care to patients. 

The primary goal of the Spasticity Clinic is to provide comprehensive care to patients with spasticity and related conditions. 

At Spasticity Clinic, a comprehensive evaluation is taken for all patients, which includes a physical examination, medical history review, and a detailed assessment of the patient's symptoms. With the help of advanced imaging techniques like MRI or CT scans, electromyography (EMG), and nerve conduction studies, doctors make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying reason for the condition before designing the treatment plan.

The treatment usually includes the use of medications or surgical intervention. Support and rehabilitation are important components of treatment. The clinic provides rehabilitation to patients with spasticity through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation services.

All the treatment plans are personalised and tailored to each person's requirements. As the hospital follows a patient-centric approach, the clinic makes sure that patients and their families are involved every step of the way during treatment. 

The clinic also features state-of-the-art neuroradiology and neurophysiology facilities and technologies, making sure that the best possible treatment is provided to the patient. The welcoming environment and modern infrastructure of the clinic add to its strength and make it one of the best centres in Mumbai and all of Western India. 

In addition to providing direct patient care, the Spasticity Clinic also conducts research to advance the understanding and treatment of spasticity and related conditions. Currently, the clinic is conducting research in the field of glioma and PD surgery. So far, it has completed five research projects, with these two research projects underway

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