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"Everything is going very well. I started working 3 weeks ago, it's gone well. I am getting into the routine of it now and it is a lot easier now, compared to when i was unwell. It is good being able to work and to be able to support myself. I am now doing everything i used to do before i got sick [work, church, friends, exercise, beach and motorbikes] which is amazing and i feel pretty much completely better. I am more than happy to do so because DBS has changed my life. I had want people who were in my situation to hear that DBS is a treatment for depressionand that it is possible to get. I was lucky that i found out about the treatment 2 years ago on the internet. Because if i had not found it myself, i still would probably not have heard about it, let alone had the surgery. Thanks again to you and all your team for all your help.

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