reconstructive surgery,hand and microvascular surgery,paediatric plastic surgery,fat grafting,Breast augmentation,male breast reduction surgery,nose reshaping/rhinoplasty,abdominoplasty (tummy tuck),face lift,non-surgical facial rejuvenation,breast reconstruction,craniomaxillofacial surgery,trauma reconstructive surgery,plastic surgery for birth defects,lower limb reconstruction
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The Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Jaslok Hospital is one of the oldest functioning departments in Mumbai. It was set up in the year 1973 by the doyens of plastic surgery: Dr. K.S. Goleria, Dr. G.R. Buch and Dr. N. Pandya. Our dedicated team of plastic surgeons continues the tradition of excellence to this day.

We provide a broad spectrum of plastic surgery services, including reconstructive surgery for post-cancer defects of the head and neck, breast, trunk and extremities; post-trauma craniofacial surgery; hand and microvascular surgery; paediatric plastic surgery and aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery. Additionally, cross-specialty consultation can be done whenever needed; thanks to specialists in all disciplines.

Our comprehensive plastic surgery team is nationally recognised as a leader in microvascular surgery, breast reconstruction, craniofacial and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Instruments available at Jaslok Hospital include:

o Carl Zeiss operating microscope (OPMI VARIO)
o State-of-the-art operating microscope for microvascular surgery
o Microscopic plastic surgery (S&T USA)
o Synthes plating system for craniomaxillofacial and hand surgery
o VASER liposuction
o Vacuum-assisted wound closure system

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