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Department of Nephrology & Kidney Transplant is amongst the oldest nephrology services in private care setup in Western India. Involved in patient care through clinical nephrology, haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, critical care nephrology and kidney transplant, it provides both, indoor and outpatient, care for patients with kidney disease. Thousands of haemodialysis sessions are performed every month which includes outpatient haemodialysis, indoor haemodialysis, and SLED and CRRT modalities for dialysis in ICU patients. Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD and APD) services are also available in the department. Other specialised services offered by the department include tunnelled cu?ed haemodialysis catheter (Permcath) and temporary dialysis catheter insertion, and percutaneous biopsy of the native kidney and kidney allograft.

Kidney Transplant program at Jaslok began in 1974 and more than 3000 plus kidney transplants have been performed till date. The department undertakes both, living donor and deceased (cadaver) donor, kidney transplants; and more than 250 transplants are performed annually at present. We have been pioneers in ABO incompatible kidney transplantation in India and more than quarter of the current annual transplants are across the blood group. Other highlights of kidney transplant program at Jaslok include kidney paired exchange (swap) transplant, transplantation in children, patients with abnormal bladder, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and robotic and laparoscopic donor nephrectomy surgeries.

Department also runs an accredited super speciality training program in nephrology and is actively involved in research on kidney diseases and transplantation with numerous national and international publications to the credit.

Besides the noteworthy achievements mentioned above, are several firsts like:

  • First successful swap transplant in India in 2006.
  • Longest surviving kidney, bone marrow transplant.
  • Longest surviving 44 years renal transplant done in 1976 in India.
  • Oldest transplant in the world at 96 years age, 21 years post-transplant.
  • One of the largest incompatible, high risk transplants done in India.

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