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The Gastroenterology Department of Jaslok Hospital is the oldest and most experienced department in a private sector in Mumbai, and has been involved in providing services to patients with the entire spectrum of gastroenterology and liver diseases, paediatric gastroenterology and paediatric hepatology. Not just this, we are recognised as a centre of excellence for the treatment of Wilson’s disease by the Wilson Disease Association of the USA.

Diagnostic procedures performed in our department include: oesophago-gastro- duodenoscopy (OGD), colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, oesophageal and anorectal manometry and 24-hour pH and impedance monitoring. All therapeutic endoscopic procedures including treatment of bleeding ulcers, bleeding varices, polyp removal, PEG - per cutaneous endoscopic gastro stony, Argon plasma coagulation, stent placement in the GI tract and biliary tree, bile duct stone removal, EMR, endoscopic pancreatic pseudo cyst drainage and necrosectomy, foreign body removal, dilatation of strictures etc are performed in the department with a 24 hour availability of specialists for urgent procedures.

As one of the most preferred centre for paediatric liver diseases and paediatric hepatology, patients from all across India are referred to us.

We have a dedicated program for Liver Transplant. Liver transplantation is an important life-saving treatment option for patients suffering from end-stage liver failure as a result of drug-induced injury, viral hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Our comprehensive liver transplant care program aims to provide effective health care by connecting to people dealing with liver disease.

Transplant surgery performed at Jaslok Hospital includes - living donor liver transplants, deceased or cadaver donor liver transplants

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