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The speciality of ENT covers the ears, nose, throat larynx, head, neck, neurotology and skull base. This department has been functioning since the inception of Jaslok Hospital in 1975. In other words, Jaslok Hospital opened with a full-fledged ENT Department, as the specialty is essential in every medical institution.


The three stalwarts who started the ENT Department were: Dr. J. V. Desa, (Professor and Head of ENT, KEM), Dr. L. H. Hiranandani (Professor and Head of ENT, Nair Hospital) and Dr. K. U. Shah (Professor and Head of ENT Department, JJ). They drew almost all of the ENT practice from Mumbai and many parts of India. Dr. J. V. Desa was the ‘father’ of ear microbiology and micro laryngoscopy in India; Dr. L. H. Hirananadani brought head and neck surgery within the scope of ENT; Dr. Sandra Desa Souza pioneered the cochlear implant surgery—Jaslok was a landmark and the first institute to do the surgery in India and Asia in 1987.

Medical & Surgical Excellence

We excel in our cochlear implant programme from 1987, which attracts patients from all over India. Even today, we perform 2 to 4 cochlear implants in a month. We have all the special equipment for cochlear implant such as the C-arm for visualising the electrodes and also DSA for postoperative x-ray.

Each child is rehabilitated for speech in the Audiology Department by Shehnaz Shaikh, and the cochlear implant surgery is performed by the most experienced cochlear-implant surgeons in India: Dr. Dillon D'Souza and Dr. Sandra Desa Souza.

Surgical excellence is also seen in microlaryngeal, nasal and aural (ear) laser surgery and laser MLS for vocal cords. Laser tonsillectomy, nasal endoscopic laser and laser stapedectomy are routinely performed. The Co2 laser machine was procured 15 years ago primarily for the ENT Department and today it is shared with other specialities.

We also excel in head and neck surgeries namely: thyroidectomy, submandibular gland, parotid gland excision, laryngectomy etc.

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