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Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To make Jaslok Hospital the most respected medical institution of india.

  • Providing the highest quality patient care.
  • Nurturing and delivering clinical excellence and research.
  • Doing charity to humanity irrespective of caste, race or denominations.

Our Vision

To be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees by providing state-of the art medical care with compassion and dignity.

Lifetime Of Care

A lifetime of care is as much about our 50 years history as it is about the next 50 years, that is why we call it lifetime. At its core it is the power of persistence to overcome medical challenges of present times and future. Providing the highest quality patient care delivered through technology, people, research and the human touch . At it totality it is a life long commitment from each and every 'Jaslokian'/ 'Jaslok Family member'. A Jaslokian's / Jaslok's family member's work is never finished.

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